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Need a decent contractor for your siding installation? Or you can’t find the right contractor to install your siding? We got you covered, and your house too. 


Let’s have a quick detour first. What is siding? A siding is an exterior cover of your house. It is an essential part of the house to avoid moisture or water to be absorbed by the frames. It could come from different materials like vinyl, brick, metal, and wood.


The advantage of having a siding installed or repaired on time is that you can salvage your house and what’s left of it. One of the main reasons why there are sidings is that other than protecting your quarter from rain, snow, and the wind, it also provides good insulation to your house. 

In Peaks & Valleys Construction, we provide siding installation, siding repair, and siding replacement.

Shelburne Siding Contractor

Popular Siding options at Peaks & Valleys Construction:

Two types of siding is popular in our clients:

1. Vinyl Cladding

barrie vinyl cladding

It is also known as vinyl siding. A cladding or a siding is the application of one plank to another, creating an alternate effect on the sidings. With vinyl cladding, it has the same look as a wood siding, but the material is plastic or PVC. Vinyl sidings are durable, maintenance-free, sustainable, and recyclable. It insulates pretty well, on both heat and noises, and helps reduce the energy cost and energy emissions. 


One of the main problems of the siding is that it fades after a few years, surprisingly, Vinyl Cladding can last for 60 years, keeping your walls dry.

2. Metal Siding

Metal siding is also known as corrugated siding, and they are a staple in most residential and commercial buildings due to its durability, low maintenance, fire-resistant, and it looks great. 

This type of siding may be a lot more durable than vinyl but could experience dents once smashed with great effort. Another advantage of metal siding is that if installed correctly, it could prevent the water from corrupting the interiors and skeleton of the house and could live up within 20-40 years. In Joe Roofing, we always make sure that our siding installation, may it be vinyl or metal, is placed correctly in your house. We consider the expense of our clients and do our job to eliminate any possibility of repairs.

stayner siding

Although metal siding is sturdier than vinyl, we have to consider that it is a metal. And metal tends to rust if not taken care of properly (coated with paint etc). Other than rust, metal is a poor insulator from heat, sound, and cold. But nowadays, metal sidings are better than the early versions of metal sidings. 


Siding Installation

Why do you want to install a siding? Is it necessary?  If we are running on a budget and we come across the issues on our siding, we usually ask ourselves those questions. Luckily, our siding installation in is unparalleled, and we are proud to say that it has been our trademark in the industry. Installing the type of siding should be carefully and expertly done. Else it could lead to a disaster that can cause your siding to live a short life.

Siding installations are not protections for the house, but it also boosts the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Here at Peaks & Valleys Construction, we make sure that the installation would be quick and exceptional, leaving our clients satisfied and pleased.

Siding Repair

Had problems with a part of your siding? But the rest of it is in good condition? Or you just had a new siding installed, and you want to have it repaired but don’t want to change the whole siding? Peaks & Valleys Construction also does siding repairs apart from many services we offer. The service could salvage the rest of your siding by layering the damaged area with a new identical siding. So if you are looking for siding repair in barrie then free feel to call us!

Siding Replacement

A siding replacement is another option if the client prefers to have their siding replaced than fixed. We repair siding mostly if the homeowner could not have the whole set of his siding fixed because of money constraints. We highly recommend replacements damaged siding more likely, the cases of replacing an entire slab of PVC or metal.

Sometimes the fix doesn’t cooperate with your current siding. And the cost would be cheaper if you replace the whole siding to avoid possible recurring maintenance on the fixed area.

Can a substandard siding destroy your house?

Yes. Poor sidings could lead to water and moisture to be absorbed and get trapped in the wood. Wood with moisture could lead to rotting and the growth of molds, which can damage the interiors and walls of your house.

Over time your sidings will deteriorate where it will warp, buckle, and lived by insects in between. But to avoid this kind of horror, you need to hire the best in the industry. Peaks & Valleys Construction not only provides you with great deals and services, but our main priority is to give you the best of what we offer.

The siding contractor that you can trust!

Looking for a reliable siding contractor to install or fix your siding is one of the challenges for most homeowners. But with Peaks & Valleys Construction, your roof and siding problems are addressed accordingly.

Peaks & Valleys Construction is one of the trusted siding contractors not only for roofing services but also for siding installations, repairs, and replacements. CONTACT US now and we will aid you with your siding needs.

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