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A well-maintained exterior will leave your property safe, gorgeous and fully functional for decades. Peaks & Valleys Construction is the name home owners trust when they need siding installed or repaired!

Our Siding Services

Peaks and Valleys Roofing has been providing sidingservices for over 28 years. We work hard to provide our customers with top-quality roofing service, materials and craftsmanship at competitive prices.
No job is too small or too big!


Siding Installation

Trust your home with our workmanship. Our team of experts are standing by to install your siding in the Barrie area (and we service all surrounding areas of Simcoe County). No job is too large or too small for us!


Siding Replacement

Your tired, outdated siding could be at the root of your deteriorating home's problem and energy efficiency issues. Our technicians will bring everything up to date with new siding installation.


Siding Repair

Siding Repair Service could salvage the rest of your siding by layering the damaged area with a new identical siding. So if you are looking for siding repair in Barrie then free feel to call us!

vinyl cladding

Vinyl Cladding

It is also known as vinyl siding. A cladding or a siding is the application of one plank to another, creating an alternate effect on the sidings. With vinyl cladding, it has the same look as a wood siding, but the material is plastic or PVC. Vinyl sidings are durable, maintenance-free, sustainable, and recyclable. It insulates pretty well, on both heat and noises, and helps reduce the energy cost and energy emissions.
metal siding

Metal Siding

This type of siding may be a lot more durable than vinyl but could experience dents once smashed with great effort. Another advantage of metal siding is that if installed correctly, it could prevent the water from corrupting the interiors and skeleton of the house and could live up within 20-40 years.

Can a substandard siding destroy your house?

Yes. Poor sidings could lead to water and moisture to be absorbed and get trapped in the wood. Wood with moisture could lead to rotting and the growth of molds, which can damage the interiors and walls of your house. Over time your sidings will deteriorate where it will warp, buckle, and lived by insects in between. But to avoid this kind of horror, you need to hire the best in the industry. Peaks & Valleys Construction not only provides you with great deals and services, but our main priority is to give you the best of what we offer.

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