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Our services range from a thorough roof inspection to total roof replacement, siding and eavestrough services. We provide roofing services for residential property anywhere in Simcoe County. This means regardless of what is your roofing problem, we are capable of solving it for you and bring your house to its former glory.

Our Services:

At Peaks & Valleys Construction, we do all we can to be the best contractors our clients have come across. Since we want to leave a good impression, we do an excellent job. In the last 27 years, we have built a solid reputation for our ability to install and repair roofs. We offer roofing solutions in the form of EPDM roofing, metal roofing, and shingle roofing amongst others. Roof installations are a piece of cake to our experts. They do it swiftly and according to the time that’s most convenient for the client. There are no glitches in our schedule as we keep to time and focus on getting the job done. For the most part, we propose a roofing method based on the budget of a client so that no matter how much a client has, they’ll get a roof that’s worth their money.

Concerning repairs, we are skilled in fixing all sorts of residential roofs. From the most common types that were built using shingles to the more complicated ones that have been customized. Our team of experts have in-depth knowledge of these roofs and know how best to repair them. Moreover, being in the business for so long has allowed us to gain experience working on a vast variety of roofs. Therefore, we’ll deliver the best results within the shortest time at your convenience.

Siding is the outer protection of a house. It is a material that is attached to the side of a house to keep it safe from weather elements like rain, sunshine, or even snow. Siding can be made from various materials such as wood, fiber cement, or vinyl. Of these 3, wood siding is the most expensive. Our team has specialists who do a great job at siding. They do it so that your house won’t be so cold in winter or so hot in the summer.

After almost 3 decades in the field, they have experimented with different siding methods and have come up with the very best. Repairing siding isn’t as easy as it seems but we know how to do our work efficiently. We’ll replace the siding anywhere in Barrie Ontario and make you feel it was never damaged from the start.

An eavestrough is a gutter that’s attached to the roof of a house. It is used to drain water from the roof and redirect it to the ground instead. Although they can be made from a variety of materials like copper, steel, or vinyl, aluminum remains the all-time best material for it. The reason is unlike the other materials, aluminum isn’t prone to rust and it can easily be molded into an eavestrough. At Peaks & Valleys Construction, we are well versed with the various materials used for eavestrough and we advise our clients on the best material to use for longevity and durability. Installation isn’t our only strength. We do a splendid job at repairing damaged eavestrough and returning them to their former glory.

● Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and fascia installations are one thing we can boast of doing to perfection. We’ll perfectly align them to the siding so there’s no room for penetration. Soffit and fascia do not get worn out on their own accord. It is usually a result of water that has seeped through a leaking roof. Over time, the water causes them to wear out by causing the paint to fall off, boring holes in the world, and eventually causing it to rot. For this reason, we always check for the part of the roof that’s leaking and repair it before focusing on repairing the soffit and fascia.

They are used to protect the house from wear and tear caused by weather elements. They keep your home safe from insects, rodents, birds, and other such creatures that may creep in through the loft.

We can repair damaged and rotten fascia with a new one and remove the old soffit to be replaced with one that’s up to standard. The cost of installation or repairs is affordable as we understand there are usually unplanned costs. We’ll do the job at a great price that’ll be beneficial to you.


Peaks & Valleys Construction

Our team of highly skilled professionals takes their work seriously knowing the best is all they can deliver. We are readily available for roofing jobs throughout Simcoe County whenever you are ready. For every job that needs to be done, our team of experts first take stock of their surroundings. With the permission of the client, they do a thorough inspection of the property roof to identify leakages. They also mark out areas of that roof that will soon give way due to rust and other such factors. Since we prioritize our customer’s happiness as previously stated, we’ll pick quality over quantity any day of the week.


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