Orillia Roofing Company

Are you looking for roofers in Orillia, Ontario? Then your search ends right here as Peaks & Valleys Construction got you covered. We are serving Orillia and the whole of Simcoe County since 1993. You can be confident in your decision to choose us as a roofing company for your home to solve your roofing problem.

At Peaks & Valleys Construction, we aim to provide you the best service possible including excellent workmanship using the quality materials, and at the best price possible. It doesn’t get any better than this. We are the best at our craft, and the Our Reviews of many other homeowners including of Orillia is a proof of it. We are a 3rd generation family-run roofing company with decades of collective experience that can solve your roofing problems with the best possible solutions. So if you are looking for roofing in Orillia, Ontario. Then no look further as we got you covered!

Our Roofing Services in Orillia, Ontario

Our services include roofing, siding, soffit & fascia and eavestrough services. 

Why Choose Peaks & Valleys Construction!

Local Company

We are locally owned and operated, serving the area of Orillia. We are one call away for any of your roofing problem

Cost Effective

You will get the pricing possible. So feel free to ask for estimate and see if it fits you.

Accredited Company

Licensed and Insured Professionals with warranties on our labor and products making it risk free for you!

Word From Our Customer

A wallopping salute to The Peaks & Valleys Team! Your craft in excellence is appreciated! They came the same night when called for a roof leak, that 7 teams before couldnt solve. Nipped in the bud 15 minutes in. Thank you Ed and Trevor for your efficiency and professionalism! Blessings Team Peaks and Valley!"

Our Services in Detail:


● Roofing Service

Having a quality roof over your head is extremely important, it protects the interior from the harsh weather (such as of Orillia, Ontario) and adds curb appeal of the house.

Should you ever face any problems with your roofs, whether its roof repair or complete roof replacement. Peaks & Valleys Construction, the best Orillia Roofers, is at your service!

If you are looking for Roofing in Orillia then look for nowhere else. Our contractors are skilled and professional in roof installations, and can work with any system

like Shingles, Asphalt, Tile, EPDM, Metal and so on! Read more about our residential roofing here.

● Siding Service

Peaks & Valleys Construction offers top quality siding solutions and services in Orillia, including siding installation, siding replacement, and siding repair.

Like most features of our home, they have their purpose. A siding is not just to add beauty to our exterior, but siding also protects our house from the harsh weather of Orillia, ON and saves the frame of the house from decaying or collapsing.

Other than that, we know that installing siding is time-consuming and quite expensive. And installing it should be done right the first time. This is where we come! Peaks & Valleys Construction is a Orillia Siding Company that uses quality siding and ensures proper installation and leaves no room for error.

Peaks & Valleys Construction doesn’t only offer siding installation but everything that has something to do with siding whether its siding repair or complete siding replacement. Peaks & Valleys Construction is your siding company in Orillia for the job.

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Eavestroughs Barrie

Eavestrough Service

Gutter prevents moisture from being absorbed by the foundation and sidings. It also stops the rainwater from ruining your landscape.

Eavestrough is very helpful for your home and very essential to install the feature properly to maximize its capacity.

If you are looking for a Orillia Eavestrough service provider then Peaks & Valleys Construction is here to serve you. And they are in town to help you with your gutter installation and repairs. Say goodbye to your landscaping problems, basement flooding, and low-budget material used for your eavestrough because we are here to solve your eavestrough problems.

● Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and fascia installations are one thing we can boast of doing to perfection. We’ll perfectly align them to the siding so there’s no room for penetration. Soffit and fascia do not get worn out on their own accord. It is usually a result of water that has seeped through a leaking roof.

Over time, the water causes them to wear out by causing the paint to fall off, boring holes in the world, and eventually causing it to rot. For this reason, we always check for the part of the roof that’s leaking and repair it before focusing on repairing the soffit and fascia.

Why Us?

Peaks & Valleys Construction has always been one of the best roofing companies in Orillia, Ontario, and with our years of knowledge and experience in this field, it is safe to say that we are the leading roofers in Ontario. Our dedication to our customers is unparalleled when it comes to delivering the service they require.

Our company is reliable, professional, honest, and doesn’t make any false promises to our clients. We always deliver the highest standard of quality in our services and always stick to the budget and deadline. Try us out as we’d love to have another happy homeowner in our list!