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Peaks & Valleys Construction

Peaks & Valleys Construction is a licensed and certified local roofing company. We specialize in Residential Roofing alongside with siding and eavestrough work. We started our journey in 1993. Since then, we have served thousands of people with our construction work in Angus, Barrie and surrounding areas. Being a local company with 27 years of experience, we can promise that you would receive prompt service to your needs with quality workmanship.

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Peaks & Valleys Construction is a family owned business and we are third generation roofer. Its part of our dna. Our Mission is to provide you quality work so you can be life-long customers of ours.

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Edward Bland


Is to help homeowners get quality roofing services.

Our Mission

To expand and become the best roofing company in whole of Simcoe county starting with Barrie

Our Vision

Established in 1993 at Barrie, we moved to Angus later and have served hundreds of homeowners since then.

Our History

The head of our company is Edward Bland.

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